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Burning Arrow Archery

Burning Arrow Beginner Recurve Bow Kit™

Burning Arrow Beginner Recurve Bow Kit™

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Draw Weight

This kit is perfect for a beginner who wants to shoot a recurve bow. 

It comes with everything needed to get started.

Please specify draw weight, this refers to the amount of power it takes to pull the string back to shoot the bow.

If you need help deciding on draw weight use the table below to choose.

You can also consult us and we will help you choose the right bow for your level. 


Under 10 - 12LB Draw Weight 

10-13 - 14LB Draw Weight 

13-18 - 16LB Draw Weight 

18 and Older - 18LB Draw Weight 

Strong Adult - 20LB Draw Weight 


Sanlida Recurve Bow available in 4 sizes 

12 Easton Arrows 

Bow Case 

Arrow Case



Bow Stringer 

Bowstring Wax 

Arrow Rug 

Arrow Pouch 



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